We use a scientific approach and create reliable high-quality services for decentralized and distributed solutions

Ready-to-use infrastructure

ENCRY platform infrastructure is used for developing and testing our solutions. The solutions are based on classic decentralization and cryptographic principles. Combined with other technologies, these principles open access to a plethora of services and possibilities for user as well as IT- and telecom developers.


Cutting-edge research

Our team not only develops new technologies but also conducts research of their implementations. This enables us to create revolutionary solutions for broad consumer markets. The results of our research are all scientifically verified.

Decentralized public key infrastructure

Transactions linking technology

Proprietary digital signature algorithm

Proprietary programming language

Distributed anonymous messenger

Witness hiding identification protocol

Blockchain platform
in action:

Decentralized certification centers

ENCRY technology enables users to create decentralized certification cetners. Verification centers issue certificates for each other unmediated. Afterwards, certificates are encrypted and transmitted electronically to prevent any kind of tampering with information or its unsanctioned reading.

Anonymous distributed messenger

The product provides users with access to secured message exchange via a distributed node network with multilevel message encryption, leaving the third party no chance to intercept or decrypt messages.

Optimized supply chains process

Implementation of supply chain certification via distributed ledger technology substantially decreases the cost of product identification and registration.

Reliable voting

During our collaborative work with SEZ "Lipetsk" within the framework of Digital Economic Zone Project, we have implemented blockchain technology into the voting process for the expert council at the SEZ. The results wew registered using distributed ledger technology and confirmed by all the required documents.

Profitable cooperation

We believe that a lack of support from competent and reliable partners will condemn any company to failure in the modern world. Therefore, we offer mutually profitable cooperation to the companies ready to make common cause with us to fulfill their goals. Join us!


Documentation and project description

Check out the detailed description of our project and platform. Please note that the documents may be even more updated.

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