Smart contracts

Our approach to creating smart contracts allows avoiding a huge amount of potential mistakes made by developers as early as at the validation stage.

Simplified syntaxis makes them more user-friendly and accessbile to new users ot the platform

Why they should be used

Decentralized certification centers

ENCRY technology enables users to create decentralized certification centers. Verification centers issue certificates for each other unmediated. Afterwards, certificates are encrypted and transmitted electronically to prevent any kind of tampering with information or its unsanctioned reading.

Anonymous distributed messenger

The product provides users with access to secured message exchange via a distributed node network with multilevel message encryption, leaving the third party with no chance to intercept or decrypt messages.

Optimized supply chain processes

Implementation of supply chain certification via distributed ledger technology substantially decreases the cost of product identification and registration.

Reliable voting

During our collaborative work with SEZ "Lipetsk" within the framework of Digital Economic Zone Project, we have implemented blockchain technology into the voting process for the expert council at the SEZ. The voting results are backed by distributed ledger technology and confirmed with all the required documentation.

A wide variety of options

Create and launch a tokenized asset as part of an already existing product or resource. There are plenty of options available.

Useful information

What is ENCRY?

ENCRY is a blockchain platform based on our own inerpretation of the Proof-of-Work consensus that allows creating smart-contracts in proprietary Prism language. the language is used for te creation of flexible applications with a complicated structure that can change over time.

Do you have a white paper?

Yes, we do. You can find it on the main page of this website.