ENCRY> Hello, World! _

We are very excited to present our first public version of Encry blockchain on TestNet. Even though it is our first public release, we have already implemented the following list of features:

- Consensus via memory-hard Proof-of-Work (PoW) function Equihash;
- Scripting language (non-Turing complete smart contracts);
- Transaction validation;
- Transactional system with multi-token support;
- Custom assets issuing;
- Language for custom asset structure description;
- Multiparty signature (Escrow) (Prism*);
- Threshold signature (Prism*);
- Time-window locks (Prism*);
- Data-transactions (Prism*);
- Fast-sync mode (full-node mode in which node downloads only headers and full-blocks which resides in specified blockchain suffix);

Prism — is non-Turing complete smart contract script language which is more powerful than Bitcoin Script but also more safe against heavy validation attacks.

Here is instruction how to install full-node:https://github.com/EncryFoundation/EncryCore/blob/release/README.md

Description of node’s API can be found here:https://github.com/EncryFoundation/EncryCore/blob/release/docs/design/NodeRoutes.md