ENCRY is a distributed digital asset platform that provides advantages of both first and second generation blockchains. Encry allows creating smart contracts in Prism – proprietary contract oriented, statically typed programming language developed for the EncryCore blockchain protocol. Prism language is the key attribute that allows ENCRY blockchain users to develop flexible DApps for manifold needs in a quick and secure way.

Proof-of-Work is the best time-proven option in matters of consensus mechanism choice and sustainability issues. Nevetheless, in event of a better alternative, we may consider changing the consensus algorithm, keeping up with the most modern and advanced solutions.

Integrated services and possibilities

Decentralized public key infrastructure

Transactions linking technology

Proprietary digital signature algorithm

Proprietary programming language

Distributed anonymous messenger

Witness hiding identification protocol

Development practice

Encry stands firmly behind our open approach to development, our team of engineers constantly strives for growth. Encry Core provides the basic building blocks for you to start interacting with and building on the Encry protocol.

Join our GitHub repository to take part in the development of truly revolutionary solutions with ENCRY.